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Talwandi Kalan (ਤਲਵੰਡੀ ਕਲਾਂ, तलवंडी कलां, تلونڈی کلاں) is a village of Sidhwan Bet Mandal. Talwandi Kalan is in Jagraon, Ludhiana district, Punjab, India.[1] This village is about 10 km from Mullanpur Dakha and is nearby the villages Swaddi Kalan and Gureh. The major Jatt clan in the village is of Dhanoa.[2]



There is one government primary school and one government secondary school in Talwandi Kalan. Also notable is Mahant Lachhman Dass High School, a school that provides education to villagers in and beyond Talwandi Kalan.[7]


As per the Population Census 2011, there are total 586 families residing in the village Talwandi Kalan. The total population of Talwandi Kalan is 2,892 out of which 1,510 are males and 1,382 are females.

Children population

The population of Children of age 0-6 years in Talwandi Kalan village is 214 which is 7% of the total population. There are 124 male children and 90 female children between the age 0-6 years.

Literacy rate

Total 2295 people in the village are literate, among them 1247 are male and 1048 are female.


  • Total Scheduled Caste 898
  • Male SC population      459
  • Female SC population  439

Work status

  • Main Workers          1,085
  • Cultivators                  297
  • Agriculture Labourer  182
  • Household Industries    6
  • Other Workers          600
  • Marginal Workers       69
  • Non-Working          1,738

Religious places

  • Gurdwara Singh Sabha is located at centre of Talwandi Kalan.
  • Baba Dher wale is beautiful religious place in Talwandi Kalan. It is spiritual building established in the 15th century.


The following are government representatives of Talwandi Kalan:


  • Tejinder Singh (Akali party)


  • Jinder Singh—General Pancha (Akali party)
  • Amrik Singh—General Pancha (Akali party)
  • Jagir Singh—Scheduled Caste Pancha (Akali party)
  • Harminder Singh—General Pancha (Congress party)
  • Pal Singh—Scheduled Caste Pancha (Congress party)
  • Jagmohan Singh—General Pancha (Congress party)

Talwandi Kalan's pin code is 142025.[6]


Natural Resources

Talwandi Kalan has one clean source of water that provides 39 liters per capita per day; the Indian government categorizes this water source as partial coverage for the village.[8] The presence of trace elements Selenium and Fluorine in the water of Talwandi Kalan has resulted in lower incidence of dental caries in village children than children of neighboring villages Dhanansu and Bhatian, whose water lacks these elements.[9]


  • Jagtar Filling Station[10]

It has got all the basic amenities like a school, hospital and a corporation society. The villages has a total of 2200 votes. The total land area of the village is 2,100 acres (8.5 km2).

In Popular Media

The 2007 film End of Abundance, a documentary filmed by two Canadians, explores the ecological crisis, poverty, and ending productivity in India through the eyes of a farmer and student in Talwandi Kalan.[11]

The film "Jatt te Zameen"[12] was shot in Talwandi Kalan mainly in properties owned by Dalip Singh Dhanoa (deceased) and Gurcharan Singh Dhanoa (now living in Calgary, AB, Canada)

On December 6, 1988, Punjabi film actor Veerendra was shot and killed by terrorists during the filming of a movie in Talwandi Kalan. The terrorists had opened fire on a house owned by the then-former Prime Minister of India.[13]

Famous Persons Born in Talwandi Kalan


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