Ajmer rode

Ajmer Rode

Ajmer Rode is a Canadian author writing in Punjabi as well as in English. His first work was non-fiction Vishva Di Nuhar.  In 1994, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the state government of Punjab.

Early life

Ajmer was born in 1940 in a village, Rode, Punjab. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and migrated to Canada in 1966. Before becoming a full-time writer in 1994, he worked as Assistant Professor (Punjab), Computer Engineer (BC Hydro), and Planning Engineer & Global Warming expert at BC Gas in Vancouver.


Ajmer has published books of poetry, drama, prose. His first Book Vishva Di Nuhar was published by the Punjabi University in 1966. His first poetry book Surti has extended the scope of Punjabi language and given a new turn to Punjabi poetry. His most recent poetry book Leela,[1] more than 1000 pages long and co-authored with Navtej Bharati, is counted among the outstanding Punjabi literary works of the 20th century. He is also the founder of Canadian Punjabi Drama and has written and directed 10 plays. 


Ajmer one-act play Dooja Passa was the first Punjabi play written in Canada. His full-length play Komagata Maru based on a significant racial incident in British Columbia's history. His most recent English play Rebirth of Gandhi was produced at Surrey Arts Centre Canada in 2004.


Ajmer Rode is an active member of the Writers' Union of Canada. Currently, he is a coordinator of Vancouver's Punjabi Writers Forum. He has been the founding member of several other Indian-Canadian literary and performing arts associations including Watno Dur Art Foundation, and India Music Society founded to promote classical Indian music in North America. He was the first secretary of Samaanta, an organization to oppose violence against women and is now on the advisory board of Chetna, a Vancouver based organization promoting minority rights and opposing Casteism. He has served on Canada Council and British Columbia Arts Council juries to award literary grants.

In 2008 Canada Council sponsored him to participate in another international poetry festival, Kriti, held in Chandigarh. In October 2010 he was invited to take part in the Commonwealth Writers Meet in Delhi where writers from 40 countries including three other from Canada participated. The Sahitya Akademi, Delhi, invited him to read his poems in Hindi translation in April 2012.


In 1994

  • Rode was given the Best Overseas Punjabi Author award by the Punjab Languages Dept, India.
  • Guru Nanak Dev University honored him with the "Prominent Citizen (literature)" award
  • G.N. Engg. College with the "Poet of Life" award the same year. In Canada he has been honored with awards for Punjabi theatre and translation. 

In 2000-2015

  • Outstanding Literary Achievement award by Rode Heritage Committee, Canada in 2000.
  • In 2007 Certificate of Appreciation for translation by the Provincial language Service, BC, Canada
  • Punjab Arts Council honor in the year 2008.
  • Mehfil Magazine award for Literary achievement, Vancouver, 2010
  • Darpan magazine’s Artistic Visionary award, Surrey, 2013
  • In 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award by the University of British Columbia
  • Explore Asian award for contribution to theatre (2004)
  • Punjabi Writers Association, Calgary (2015)

Original works

  • Vishava Di Nuhar, prose, 1966
  • Dooja Passa, one act plays, 1981
  • Komagata Maru, full-length play, 1984
  • Blue Meditations, poetry, 1985
  • Poems at My Doorstep, poetry, 1990
  • Surti, poetry, 1989, 1979
  • Shubhchintan, poetry, 1993
  • Leela, poetry, 1999
  • Nirlajj
  • Pash Da Sath
  • Balbir Singh Bhangu
  • Chonvi Kavita
  • A Journey With The Endless Eye


Plays written and directed

  • Dooja Passa, One Girl One Dream, Visa, Komagata Maru,
  • Nirlajj, Chetna (co-author), Third Eye, Rebirth of Gandhi,
  • Turi Wala Kotha (direction), Stair to Nowhere (reading),
  • The Fragrant Grass (reading)


  • The Last Flicker, Novel, 1993
  • Desire, poems, 1999
  • One Hundred One Surrealist Poems, 1996
  • Bird Talk, children's story 2001
  • Calendar Poems, poems, 2003
  • Dukh Sukh, poems, 2005


  • Punjabi Poetry of Canada, co-edited, 1980
  • Canadian Punjabi issue of the Preet Lari, 1986
  • Munch Katha, co-edited, 2002
  • Om Parkash, 2005


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